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Default Re: Underrated CB movies

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
More that I think SM3 is full of both great moments and terrible moments. It has moments of pure comic book goodness, as well as some of the worst, most groan-inducing scenes ever committed to a big budget comic book film (albeit not B&R bad, though some fans insist on that).

The Amazing Spider-Man is uniformly mediocre across the board. It never reaches the depths of problems of SM3, but it never has a scene as good as the Birth of Sandman, the birth of Venom, or really any of the fight scenes in SM3 (save for the cheesy mansion brawl between Peter and Harry).

The Amazing Spider-Man does have great casting, but it's ultimately wasted. However, I can understand deference to TASM for not having any terrible dancing or crying sequence.

Another way to put it is that they are both probably bad movies. But I see more moments of quality in SM3 whereas TASM is just "meh" the whole time.

Only my opinion.
I don't really know when the whole movement started to mock Tobey for his crying scenes began,but I found them infinitely more compelling than Garfield's.

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