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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Totally with you there dude ! Henry didn't have to talk that much, but his frowns and body language spoke volumes more than Routh's -they might as well have dressed up a store mannikin in the superman costume.

Cavill's Superman grunted and groaned and bellowed whenever he made a strenuous effort ( holding up the collapsing oil rig, smashing Zod through the grain silos, smashing into Faora, flying up the gravity beam, the list goes on).
He was quite an emotional Superman, and I thought he did a great job of communicating without long speeches - Superman's all about deeds not words.

Also, I feel compelled to weigh in on this:

Dude, glad you enjoyed Superman returns ( I hated it) because at least someone went home happy from that film.

However, I have a small issue with your criticism of MOS involving too much of Superman punching people, which a few other people have raised as

Have you read many Superman comics ? Generally, it's about a guy who protects humanity from threats on a massive scale. And when Brainiac, or Darkseid or Doomsday show up, ready to obliterate the Earth, what's Superman's primary method of removing the threat ? He punches them. When Bizarro or Metallo get out of line and start
tearing up Metropolis, POW ! It's punching time. If Mongul shows up and
pulls some of that **** he did in coast city, what does Supes do ?
BAM ! he punches the bejeezus out of that big yellow sucker.

I kind of lost touch with Superman for a while (being a big fan of John Byrne's work back in the 80's) so last week I had a read of Superman, Brainiac by Geoff Johns ( yo Goyer, some great source material here for a movie !) anyway, when Brainiac threatens Earth, and Kandor and is just generally
being a big green pratt, what does Supes do ? POW ! He punches the hell
out of Brainiac, problem solved, planet saved. Good to see that things haven't changed that much in nearly 30 years - punching is still very much a feature of Superman comics.

You're right, it isn't a very sophisticated way of doing things, but boy it's quite satisfying - I wish Supes had punched Zod a few more times, he certainly had it coming.

Again, glad you enjoyed Superman returns, but that version of Superman didn't work for me at all. I thought that Singer emasculated the Man of Steel
(Superman is stupid enough to land on an Island made of Kryptonite ? Come on !) The worst thing about the film, is that Singer didn't have the guts to put his own stamp on the film - he just made it as a love letter to Richard Donner and Chris Reeve. Don't get me wrong, I loved those films, even the really **** ones, but Singer tried to make a Donner/Reeve film without either of them, and it came off as a sham of a travesty of a pale imitation. Time had moved on, and Superman needed to as well. At least Snyder and the gang had the balls to reinterpret the character, keeping all the traditional elements but sharpening them up to give Supes a 21st century feel.

This is not at all to criticize your opinion, I see from your post that a lot of the stuff I hated, was actually stuff that worked for you in SR. That's cool,
just venting my spleen. Hope you enjoy the next Superman film as
much as you enjoyed SR.

For me, I feel that Superman Returns was the actual gutsy movie that was made. It was a continuation and love letter to the Reeve/Donner flicks but it also a movie that was made unlike most Superhero movies. It has a lot of themes and really was made not to show off the hero’s power but his character. And I guess a lot of what made the movie for me was the directing, the movie has some really awesome beautiful shots.

But I am not a Superman fan. I don’t read his comics and and to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Returns either until recently I gave it a shot after watching the Reeve films, and Man of Steel. I guess because I am not a fan I am happy with the liberties they took with the character. Its kind of the same for the Dark Knight trilogy, I read a few of his comics growing up, but when I watch a movie I judge the movie itself. I don’t compare it to the comics much at all.

I am a huge X-Men fan and most of the hardcore fans hated first class because it strayed so far away from comics, I thought that movie was absolutely great (I seriously think Days of Future Past is going to be one of the best Superhero movies ever).

I don’t mind Superman breaking necks in Man of Steel, and not saving people, that doesn’t bother me, but I think the last half really was just way too much action. Where the third act in Superman Returns you have some real awe-inspiring things going on.

My thing with Returns is, if you’re a Superman fan and you were expecting to see something else then what was made, I can understand the frustration, because when I was a 16 year old kid I expected the same. I thought I was going to see a visually stunning awesome action film. Recently watching it, I was just in shock how much I enjoyed it.

Last thing, I know you said at least Man of Steel had the guts to make an original movie, but what they did wasn’t really original at all to me. This is the age of grounded, realistic, darker superhero films. It came after a successful trilogy that did the same, along with the Amazing Spiderman(not a fan but was successful). I’m glad Returns continued from Superman the movie. That origin was great and didn’t need to be remade. I think a fair amount of superhero films could do great if they were filmed with a bit of a retro style. Like the recent Daredevil flick that got canceled was supposed to be about him in the 70’s fighting crime. It could visually be something awesome.

Just my opinion, I didn’t think Man of Steel was a terrible film. But it just seemed real bland and soulless. I felt the cliches just didn’t work for a movie trying to be grounded. I am really hoping and praying the sequel will be great, but I would have preferred they left Batman out of the sequel. I am just scared in the directing for the sequel, I have no faith in Snyder.

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