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Well, he was.
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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread! - Part 3


Thrown together PTSD that disapeared, lousy Riddler ripoff villain, too much comedy against the darkish tone, tony not being in the armour much, Tech advances beyond belivability ect...

Iron Man 1 remains the only good Iron Man movie. Out of the other Marvel trilogies... Blade, X-Men & Spider-Man, Iron Man is the worst of the lot, even with those trilogies having two good entries and crappy finales.


Blade X-Men Spider-Man Blade 2 X-Men 2 HULK Spider-Man 2 Iron Man X-Men First Class Thor Captain America: The First Avenger The Amazing Spider-Man The Wolverine X-Men Days of Future Past Guardians of the Galaxy DEADPOOL LOGAN

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