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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by HankTheTurtle
The problem with this is that the actual shape of a person's eyes when wearing white contacts isn't going to translate into the stylized white eyes you'll find in the comics.
It seemed fine to me when Batman uses the detective mode in the Arkham games, and since his face is a lot more realistically proportionate than the comics, I don't think it would look too bad. As long as it doesn't just look like white contacts, and maybe has a bit of a glow to it, just enough to suggest a display he's looking at.

Originally Posted by cryptic name View Post
I have long championed the idea of prosthetics for the cowl, but I'm not sure about the white contacts. Could work, but it wouldn't really provide that iconic "slit" look of the eyes in the comics.
Well, I'd like to see them try it, at least. If it works, it works; if it doesn't, it doesn't. One option would be to have the lenses sometimes white, and sometimes clear. I can imagine some great shots of Batman standing, surveying criminals, barely visible against the sky or whatever and gone completely unnoticed by the audience until the white eyes light up.

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