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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Yeah it could have been a good idea indeed. If people had given a chance to the project.
That said, and even if I do like SR pretty much, the child thing was... not a good idea. Maybe it was a good idea, but that needed a second film to truly be worth it... bad choice then. Although I understand their reasonning: what can affect Superman? a child, right, and the time that goes whithout him, right too.

What seems to me like a stupid behavior from all the omnipresent SR haters is the complain about the size of the hairs, how the hairs were cut (!) it was not "truly Superman", the color of the eyes, the size of the torso, the lengh of the cape, how high are the boots and of course the very best : the colors of the suit. All this stupidity, all this hate, all this *****ing crap from 2 grey cells haters, just to see it now, that nobody is complaining about MoS suit. *****ing dark suit indeed! Sometimes I can't even see the symbol and think they made it all black. Yet, none is really complaing about this!? I remember all the hate about people arguing how the suit does not define the man (meaning take away the red trunks), yet being so hateful about the color scheme of the SR suit. While MoS displayed such a goddamned dark suit. I fail to see the logic...

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