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Default Re: Incredible Hulk 2

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
That's cool, a lot of my friends have that preference too... but for them it's mostly because our resident Hulk fanatic likes all the cosmic king Hulk stuff. We also had big arguments about the Hulk switch he flipped. I loved it, others did not. I took it as the idea that he's always holding Hulk in check, and all he has to do is let go, and boom, Hulk time.
Ha, I'm definitely not one of them, I just like dysfunctional people.
And good point about the Hulk switch. Even if it isn't my favorite thing, it worked well in the movie.

I think Hulk not remaining on the team would be a great nod to the comics, and if the fallout in Avengers 2 is as personal as I think it will be, it will make a lot of sense. Not a lot of reasons to stick around when your best friend develops special armor to fight you for instance.
This brings up a good point. We know that Whedon will bring a lot of tension to the team, which is why Banner/Hulk's presence makes sense from a story-telling stand point.

But since this is a TIH2 thread, where could he end up at the end of A:AoU? It won't be hanging out with Stark for 2 hours. Or will it?

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