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Default Re: The Thea Queen/ Willa Holland thread

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Yeah, I wonder why they never even mentioned Thea's archery skills, much less played it up. They put that trophy in her room and did nothing with it, a mistake in my opinion. If they had mentioned it before, then if and when she does become Speedy, the audience might be more willing to buy it.
Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Showing the archery trophy might have made the eventual revelation of her skills seem like less of an ass-pull (some people are going to make that complaint, its inevitable).
If they really want to make her Speedy they should adress that trophy and the story behind it, but it could also just be a little easter egg for us CB fans.
Maybe at the beginning of the show they couldn't figure out a way of introducing Roy so they chose to just hint at "Speedy" (she's really just a living easter egg...I mean, c'mon...Thea (rhymes with Mia) Dearden (!) "Speedy" Queen: drug-addicted archery-contest-winner).

If they want to dig into that past as an archer a good way of mentioning it would be Ollie telling it to Shado while training on the island.
Imagine them training and Shado saying something like: "I see great potential." and Ollie goes: "Well maybe it runs in the family, you know, my sister took archery classes and won some contests. She's actually pretty good."

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