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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

Most of my arguments for a reboot look at the X-universe from the present point of view. For example, I agreed with Spati that if this thing is going to be around for a while that some of the main actors/actressess aren't getting any younger and that a reboot is a logical time to recast.

Obviously that doesn't mean that they have to reboot in order to recast, just that it's a perfect time to do so. But some above talked about Fassbender and McAvoy are the younger versions of Magneto and Xavier, and I totally agree they are great, but for the First Class and 1973 versions. I can't see them taking these actors and throwing them into the present versions.

I can't see them doing another Phoenix Saga story with one being done (albeit poorly) in Last Stand, in this current X-Universe. A reboot allows for this to be retold.

Many believe that they don't need to reboot because SInger will use DOFP to fix all of the bad things that Origins and Last Stand created. Maybe, we'll see, but it's just going to cause more turmoil with this timeline.

I guess what I'm saying is this...

I love the X-Men. Have been reading these comics since the 1970's! Have boxes and boxes of comics and the greater majority are X-Men. And although I mostly liked X1 and X2, First Class and The Wolverine; even though they broke from comic canon, the issues that Origins and Last Stand created are many. I guess I feel that this X-Universe could be so much cleaner and better, allowing for more stories. Could they try to just discount some things, like Callisto being bad and dead? Could they just pretent like we never saw Psylocke in Last Stand? Could they fix some of the crap with DOFP saying that going back and mucking with the past has changed the future so things like Jean and Scott being dead didn't happen? But think about this... if they do that then doesn't it throw everything into question? Doesn't it mean that everything we've been shown may or may not have happened? And if they go to that point then why not just go for the reboot?

Look, I love the X-Men and will go to the movie no matter what, it's just that I feel that they've missed too many opportunities and they've created too many problems. And if they keep going forward with X-Force and who knows what else, these problems may just become amplified.

Yes, my hope would be that a reboot could be used to create a new X-Universe with everything perfect. Would it be perfect? Who knows, but us fanboys could always hope. My list of things I dodn't like with the prior films was just something quick, off the top of my mind. I'm sure everyone has some things that bothered them.

Look, I would have liked to have seen the Blob as a good, reusable character, but Origins ruined (and killed) him.

I would have liked to have seen Gambit as part of the X-Men, and although that is possible it is more difficult because of how he was used in Origins.

Personally I like the swashbuckling Nightcrawler more than the religious one.

Personally I would rather have a Rogue that has the flight, strength and involulnerabilty.

I would have liked to see Havok in the present timeline in a relationship with Polaris.

I guess this is my problem with all of these X-Men movies...

If you take a good book that was made into a movie series, for example, Harry Potter, imagine if they changed the stories. Would that upset you? It would upset me. If Hagrid was a troll instead of a half-giant I wouldn't have liked it. If Harry was part of Huflepuff instead of Gryfindor, I wouldn't have been happy. If Harry played rugby instead of Quiditch, I wouldn't have been happy.

I know, most of these things I mention couldn't be changed since they were so important to the story, but the same could be said for the X-Men. The comic canon is very good, so why screw around with it? Why not just retell the classic stories that we already have? Guess that's what I would ideally want from a comic book movie, and sometimes the directors have gotten it right.

In movies like Ironman, for the most part the canon was adhered to. In the Amazing Spiderman so far, mostly the canon was adhered to. In Captain America and in Thor, so far the canon has been adhered to. And in Avengers, generally the canon has been adhered to. I guess this is why I feel these movies and that universe is better than what we have been given for the X-Men.

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