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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

You got blinders on.Plenty of other comic book franchises depart from cannon

Iron Man-Pepper potts,while a love intrest for tony stark at one time,Is not the love of Stark's life.She marries happy hogan.She isn't running Stark Industries.
James Rhodes left military and became shark's persoanl pilot.He was never
a Colonel.Stane has no business ties with stark prior to him becoming Iron Man.
Whitlash will cross between whiplash,Crimson dynama,and tanturm man.Black widow was russian femme fatale not an agent of shield.Let's not get Into the
Hulk-origin different.No Bomb.No rick jones.Ross was more intrested In killing hulk In comics.Betty ross was no scienties.Leonard sampson was not involved with
Betty.Sam sterns was a worker and not a scientist
Thor-Thor's mother was goddess of earth.Loki's come from giants not frost giants.Heindale wasn't black.Hogan wasn't asian.jane foster was nurse not a
scientist.Loki was villain long before thor was vanished to earth.Asgard was more another dimension than alien world
Captain America-Steve rogers was recruited not by Erskrane but phillips who was a general not a colonel.Bucky was younger sidekick he met after becoming cap.Peggy carter was member of french resitance not a UK Major.
Cap was made leader of howling commands.That was Nick fury In Comics.
Howard stark wasn't a major role In Captain America's life.The red skull wore mask during world war II.He was top nazi agent and not leader of hydra
Amazing Spider-man-Peter parker never met Gwne stacy till collage.She never
learned his secret.Ben parker was killed by burgler not by runaway robber outside store
Dark Knight trilogy-Henri Duracd as real ra's al ghul,the comic ra's al ghul stand In for ducard,Joker responable for two-face,Talia as outright villain and not a true love of bruce wayne.Lucious fox being In know of batman's secret

I have given tons of other departures from comic lore.And there Is never going to be a perfect version of classic X-Men on screen.

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