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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

^ Look most of what you are using as your argument are small things. Does it really make a difference that Rhodey was a Colonel in the movie? Does it really matter that it wasn't a gamma bomb in the movie that turned Banner into the Hulk? Does it really matter that Peggy Carter was a UK Major in the movie? Does it really matter that they made Gwen Stacy Peter's high school love and not his college love?

No to most of these things.

Yes, I wasn't extremely happy with Whiplash once he jumped inside an Ironman ripoff suit, but he was pretty cool on the race track.

Overall all of these examples didn't cause everlasting, negative affects to the timeline as many of the X-Men issues have. The fact that at one point it was Pepper that was running Stark Industries didn't cause problems with the timeline. In other words, big deal!

But killing the Blob, making Havok a 20 year old in 1962 (he'd be a geriatric now), killing off Callisto (and making her nothing like the canon), making Psylocke a wimp, the travesty that was the White Queen, and a lot more I'm not remembering; well these hurt the X universe and that is what I don't like.

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