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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

The directin they went with rhodey totally changed him.I consider him In name
only compared to comic book.It's part of larger patten that many just Ignored
In most but except X-Men to be completly true to 616 version.I also say Gwen Stacy being In high school and not collage Is a major change but her knowing the secret Is an even bigger change

Havok was made Cyclops' older brother In Ultimate X-Men.

Any X-Men reboot would be based more on Ultimate X-Men than 616.A mjaor reason I don't want any X-Men reboot.The marvel studio films are based more
on Ultimates and other ultimate titles.The avengers has been called based on ultimates.People involved with spider-man films themselves have called amazing spider-man based more ultimate Spider-man than classic amazing Spider-man

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