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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

DoFP needs a SB spot, no doubt about it. You can't have Spidey run upshot over X-Men in terms of marketing. I think it will be a pretty epic battle at the box office, and God help whatever movie (ahem Godzilla) sandwiched in May 2014.

On a more pertinent note, all that synopsis implies is that Fassabender and McAvoy team up again. So I think we'll have the 6 mutants from the past taking on Trask for most of the film, and the Sentinel scenes will be undercut, as will the OT cast. I honestly think everyone from the OT is going to die or be captured in the first 20 minutes or so.

I don't see the alternate timeline changing the advent of the Sentinels, but I think they fortuitously change some outcome that seriously impacts the future, and we will see that change in the Third Act. Thinking there could be an after credit scene hinting at Age of Apocalypse, or perhaps a somewhat happier ending with no after credit scene. 40-50 minutes of future scenes, with half and half in the original and altered timelines.

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