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Default Re: FOX or SONY?

I only really care about X-Men and Spider-Man tbh.

Overall, Sony are more consistent. They made a great series with Raimi's Spider-Man and have less duds. At this point in time however, I'm far more interested in FOX.

As FOX continue to invest in the X-Men series, the universe is getting more interesting. Mistakes have been made but everything seems to be back on track. Having Singer back for DOFP is truly exciting to me, and I'm more optimistic about the franchise than I have been in years.

Sony's approach to Spider-Man has been the complete opposite. They compromised SM3 with their demands on Raimi, harming the film and squandering the villain they were pushing in the process. Things deteriorated more later on, killing chances of a return to form with SM4 and moving ahead with a cash-in reboot. ASM was average at best, and I doubt the sequel is going to improve things. I'm pretty much done with the character now.

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