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Default Re: 14 Ways to Make Iron Man 4 Better than Iron Man 3

Originally Posted by droidwarrior View Post
Mandarin is done, no retcons or excuses. The ****ed up move on.

My suggestions:


Don't repeat the Tony goes from a douchebag to good person storyline again and again.

#2 Go back to belivable tech. Iron Man 1 and 2 had a natural progression. Then Iron Man 3 had his armour fly when it's in pieces and somehow attach to him, he could step in and out of armours all of a sudden making it that anyone could be Iron Man, not to mention the fire guys.

#2 Have Pepper go back to being an outsider of the superhero world. She works better as a spectator than a participant.

#3 Use some villains who aren't connected to Tony.

#4 if there are other armours, have them show their specialities otherwise they're just all the same just visually different to sell toys.

#5 Have Tony likable, like in the first movie.


or they should just reboot it. 1/3 good movies is not a good record.

Either way Iron Man seems to have run his course imo, there's a reason he never retained icon/flagship statue in the comics.
True on the reboot and with the need of villains not connected to Tony but the Mandarin is still alive and he has been arrested, and if he was done, than both he and Aldrich would have to be dead. Since Mandarin is still alive he aint done, he hasn't used rings yet so they will bring him back for the possible later films if they do them and will evolve Trevor into the ring power Mandarin we truely want

Afterall we should give Kingsley another chance despite what Shne Black says

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