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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

I think the issue with marketing these comic book films now is that because the market is starting to become over-saturated (and obviously comic book fans dont think that, but general audience are starting to get a bit like meh) it means fans want info earlier but the GA want it closer to the time, its kinda like cbm's are all trying to become event movies and it is sort of messing it up. look at gatsby, it has been wanted by so many people for a long time that they had to bring their A game, they released the songs they released trailers and made it an event and that is great for films that are offering a new thing or something a mass audience want.

It is my opinion but I sorta think it is marvels fault for the oversaturation in a way, purely because yeah its good to have the films for each character and the avengers but what in like 2017/2018 are we going to have thor 3 , cap 3, doc strange, another avengers, more solo films. I like the films but I do get why their mass advertising is starting to have a negative effect.

I think the wolverine was right to be closer to its release because it wasnt a big event movie, if they had done that it would have likely been slated by critics, i think fox knew it needed word of mouth and so they played it cool and had it come up as the underdog of the cbm's this year which made critics go "this was better than expected" and most people believe it was the best.

all of this is just my personal opinion btw I do get why people may disagree on the avengers bit but Freedom of speech ftw!!! haha :P

In terms of DOFP I think it is an event movie but I dont know how the GA will think when it comes to it now, I think they may be bored with the DKR, MOS and Avengers.

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