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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by ArmsHeldOut View Post
The MOS costume has more of a fabric-like texture, and, while the mesh skin gives it a very sleek metallic look at times, you never really get the sense that Superman's wearing armor. It's almost perfect in a way. The New 52 suit, on the other hand, always looks like armor; and the overall design pattern is a little too busy for my taste. What's worse about that costume is that it only looks cool when penciled by the man who created it -- Jim Lee. Sometimes, even he has problems making it look good on paper.
I guess you could say that the suits have something in common in that they both lack red trunks and have a somewhat metallic texture, but that's not a huge similarity in my opinion. Having just trashed the New 52 costume, though, I will admit that I prefer the way it's colored -- nice and vibrant.
I'd say Jim Lee quite possibly makes the New 52 suit look the worst, and second to him Kenneth Rocafort- not a slight against either of them, I love their work.

Also, other artists do not draw the suit as if it were armour, Carlos D'anda didn't really do it, Rags Morales didn't, nor Ivan Reis, Mikel Janin, Doug Mankhe, David Finch, the guy who did the Supergirl arc with Superman. It's often displayed as a thick material with a sheen to it, as oppsed to Jim Lee's plate armour looking approach.

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