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Default Re: Underrated CB movies

We've talked about Green Goblin, but since Doc Ock was brought up I'll talk about him.

Dr. Octopus is my favorite Spidey villain from the comics, mostly because I feel he is the most visually interesting and that is definitely intact in the film.

In terms of character, Comic Ock was a respected scientist who was injured horrifically during an experiment and ended up having the arms fused to him. It also damaged his brain and he became a criminal, mostly robbing banks and such so he could fund his science projects. Raimi expanded upon that, but Movie Ock is still fundamentally that character. As a result, Ock is still regarded by most people as being the very best Spider-Man shown in live action and I absolutely agree with that. Of the six villains shown thus far over four films, Dr. Octopus was done the best.

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