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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
I'd say Jim Lee quite possibly makes the New 52 suit look the worst, and second to him Kenneth Rocafort- not a slight against either of them, I love their work.

Also, other artists do not draw the suit as if it were armour, Carlos D'anda didn't really do it, Rags Morales didn't, nor Ivan Reis, Mikel Janin, Doug Mankhe, David Finch, the guy who did the Supergirl arc with Superman. It's often displayed as a thick material with a sheen to it, as oppsed to Jim Lee's plate armour looking approach.
The worst offenders are the creative teams (since colourists have to cooperate) who make it shiny. I would agree that Lee draws a terrible iteration of it--which is pretty much true of all his New 52 designs.

Based on the original Jim Lee art before the reboot, I hated the new looks. Fortunately, other creators have salvaged them considerably--sometimes with only minor adjustments. All it took to take Jim Lee's Flash design from "crap" to "awesome" was for Francis Manapul to draw the chinguard as a triangle and have the seams mainly appear as lit-up when running (and have them drastically marginalized at all other times).

Meanwhile, artists like Capullo and Gleason fixed his Batman design by drawing it as non-reflective and, again, drastically reducing the amount of random seamwork vomit that Lee included in every design.

I can even see the appeal of the New 52 Superman when drawn by certain artists--especially Ivan Reis, who kills it.

And Wonder Woman? Lee shouldn't even be allowed to draw her. Fortunately, her design was also salvaged over in her own title.

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