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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post

As someone who works in marketing for a big company - that ain't how it works. You don't just throw away $4 million on one 30 second spot and just say "Oh yea, I hope it works" just because it's a big movie. You have to be smart about where and how you market and promote it.

Just because it's a summer blockbuster doesn't mean a Superbowl spot will be effective or appropriate. It depends on the whole tone of the movie and what they are trying to accomplish.

Not saying they won't do a Superbowl spot but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if they chose not to. There are many other, better options, they could spend $4+ million marketing dollars on.
Exactly. I work in marketing as well, and there is no way you throw $4 million at an ad spot and just hope that sticks.

There is absolutely no guarantee of success just because there was a Superbowl spot. That's been proven again and again.

In the past, Fox had done a great job promoting their films on their own networks - during American Idol, the Sunday animation lineup, and their own major sports programming (MLB and NASCAR among them). That's something that they don't seem to be doing so much of anymore.

First Class and The Wolverine also had horribly photoshopped posters. Two of the posters for The Wolverine had Logan holding a sword...and he never fights with a sword in the movie (although, admittedly, one of those sword posters is currently the wallpaper on my phone ). Thankfully, common sense prevailed and the ink poster eventually became the main poster, but not before we got some crazy photoshopped catastrophes beforehand.

They need a smarter marketing plan, one that actually understands what the movie they're trying to promote is. The viral campaign for DOFP has been great and the fans have been loving it, and that stinger at the end of The Wolverine was genius.

They need to be more like that...not just think a Superbowl ad is the whole solution to the problem.

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