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Default Re: This movie was beautiful & I loved the **** out of it!!!!!

I will forever defend this movie. Whats funny is that it was mostly liked upon release but now all of sudden since the sequels everybody hates on it.

It does have the typical Bayisms like the off color and OTT humor, but it is mostly kept to a minimum during the first act of the film. Even Shia LaBeef is likable in the film. He carries most of the first act himself. Stuff that Bay went overboard with in the sequels are actually likable in the first film like Sams parents and John Tutorro's character. The action is amazingly well realized and not the jumble of parts and noises the second film gave us most of the time. On a purely visual and audio level, this is one of the best times I've had at the movies. It just has the cool factor that makes the little boy in me feel giddy.

And what this first film has that the second film completely lacks, is a sense of wonder and discovery that isn't forced or cynical. It's not Jurassic Park or ET level, but the Spielberg influence is definitely felt and it works.

Ya, it's got some truly bad dialogue and there are plot holes, but it's such a well crafted spectacle I really don't care.

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