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Default Re: Hans Zimmers: Scoring Bats vs Supes AND Batman?

Originally Posted by FlawlessVictory View Post
It's like Elfman with the Burton Batman and Raimi Spider-Man. Now it's Zimmer with the Nolan Batman and Webb Spider-Man.
I guess my avy's appropriate for this post/comment I'm making. But I'm definitely seeing a pattern between some of the projects Elfman and Zimmer work on. Both scored a Mission Impossible movie, a Hannibal Lector movie. Elfman wrote "The Simpsons" theme, while Zimmer scored "The Simpsons Movie". Zimmer , of course scored MOS, but if Burton's "Superman Lives" got made (and thank goodness it didn't) Elfman would've scored that as well

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
He better give us a new Batman if he does it. I don't want him recycling his Nolan theme.
Eventhough I'd rather somebody else score this SvsB movie, which obviously won't happen. I hope Hans comes with a real theme for this "new" Batman. Instead of a dozen themes/motifs that reflects Bruce's various personality traits from TDKT. Affleck's Batman supposedly is older and more experienced than Nolan's/Bale's. So he should earn his theme this time. It's going to be tough for Zimmer to not fall back on one of those dozen themes/motifs b/c I felt some were underdeveloped in the Nolan trilogy. He might try to develop one, but I honestly don't know what to expect. He seems to be game for a brand new Batman theme.

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post

But other than that I hate the guy for superhero movies. I want a return to the Williams-esque type scores. This one or two note **** over and over And I know Zimmer can do a little better than that with some stuff he's done....but good god, man, most of his stuff is just the same two notes over and over. It sucks. There's no build or bridge, no wonder or sweep to it.
I agree. I am not a fan of his superhero scores either. He's isn't really good at 'em, imo. And these movies seem to get the worse out of him, imho.

Originally Posted by Milu View Post
Marvel-DC foreign exchange! ASM2 gets Zimmer, WF gets Horner... and a fantastic score (seriously, I loved his ASM score, though if anyone replaces Zimmer I support Shore).
That was one of the first things (out of a list of things) I thought of when Hans was announced as composer for TAS-M2. I wouldn't mind WB getting Horner for SvsB, but I know I'm in the minority on that. I also know that that won't happen. It's a shame Horner won't return forTAS-M2. I was really looking forward to what he'd come up with for sequel. Oh well.

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