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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by EnDz0n3 View Post
In hindsight a Superbowl ad for TW would have been a waste of $4 Mil (is it $4 Mil now?)
Imo, that would have improved the marketing and avoid the late March marketing start.

And FOX doesn't have a lot of merchandise deals for these X-Men movies, so they should at least cling to high-profile events to help spread awareness about the film. They should be aggressive with the marketing and if it will take them 4 million for a TV ad spot which is going to be seen by at least 100 million viewers in America, (SuperBowl is always the most watched show/event in TV every year) then so be it. The X-Men movies has never been that big compare to the other movie franchises, because the marketing of FOX aren't willing to do this kind of risk. If FOX will consider all their options, then maybe their X-Men movies would have earned more money at the box-office.

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