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Default Re: Underrated CB movies

Originally Posted by Malcolm Reynold View Post
I feel like some people in this thread are confusing "movies that are underrated" with "movies that are terrible but I like anyway".
I agree, we should indeed explain that dichotomy.

In my case i find both of DelToro movies blade2 and hellboy 2 to be too action oriented where they could have profited from less action and more horror at a slower pace. Also i don't believe any of the acting to be specially touching and plots are simple with some twists, not really a mind blasting script.

On the other hand: visual conceptualization candy. Both harboring more detail than one can see with one view, decors, costumes, make-up, they are over designed in all the great ways.

On the other hand: ASM design of the lizard made me think i was watching killer Croc, not a good thing. it's really a bland human-reptile hybrid. I'M not talking about graphics I'm talking about the face, the tail, gimme scales fangs and spikes, gecko hands and crap, make it scary...

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