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Default Re: Hans Zimmers: Scoring Bats vs Supes AND Batman?

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
The thing is that he does seem to recycle things. You hear quite a few similiarities in his work which sound like just an improvisation/variation on another previous theme. Of course with composers, their work might sound similar but should still be distinct enough.
The thing that bothers me about Zimmer's work on TDKT was that most of his best work was on Batman Begins. There was a moody and brooding side he captured beautifully in that score (I still love it), and there wasn't much of an expansion of it in the next two films. (And there was a promising theme that Zimmer abandoned in the next entries.)

Plus the scores for TDK and TDKR re-used a lot of Zimmer's music. Not just thematic material, but Zimmer merely rearranges and trims previously composed tracks to fit existing scenes. (Like the Arkham Asylum rescue music in BB re-arranged for the Hong Kong night time sequence in TDK.) I was really disappointed when the final cue from TDK was inserted in the final scenes for TDKR... instead of a new final cue.

I blame Nolan for suffering from temp-track love, and for Zimmer not having the balls to say "let me do something different". It's not the first time this has happened with Zimmer and a franchise entry -- POTC 4 had the exact same problem, music-wise.

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