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Default Re: Early Thor Darkworld box-office predictions

Originally Posted by Tec15 View Post
That YouTube analysis is highly flawed seeing as it includes only exact name searches (So, searches for the Dark Knight and Man of Steel aren't included for Batman and Superman's' totals, artificially depreciating them) That provides another another flaw in that searches for "Thor" may not necessarily refer to the Marvel Superhero Thor (Maybe some people are searching for some Norwegian guy named Thor ). Regardless the google trends analysis shows that Thor trails Batman, Superman, Iron Man and the Avengers in google searches.

People expecting a billion dollar box office based on this should prepare to be disappointed. Similarly arguments like "Iron Man 3 made a billion so Thor should too" are highly unconvincing. I don't expect Thor to make more than even Man of Steel, particularly with all the behind the scenes production problems and re-shoots.
During the shooting of Jaws ,Stephen Spielberg coudnt get the shark to work.
It was thought to be a GUARANTEED failure at the box office.
Look what happened .

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