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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

Actually, if the reboot is smart, it will balance the best of both worlds and not go too far in the opposite direction, as some reboots are guilty of doing. Beyond that, I refuse to believe that any reboot that incorporates more aspects of the 616 universe, and incorporates them well, is actually going to put you off the X-Men franchise. If you were truly bothered by that, X-Men: First Class would be one of your most hated movies. And, if elements like time travel and mutant hunting robots are such a crime, then why are you clamoring for a trailer to Days of Future Past and posting here now more than you have in years?

Regardless, I see no reason as to why Fox should further ignore the 616 characters and relationships that people have come to know and love for years in favor of a dead series that some may consider even more distorted than the current cinematic universe.

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