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Default Re: Post iconic/memorable scenes you would like to see adapted for Batman vs. Superma

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
The first comic I ever read. Please can someone tell me which comic these panels are from.

Weird that the first comic I ever read/remember was a World's Finest but I ended up being a Spider-Man fan. I just remember reading Spider-Man as kid and being drawn to him have 'proper' problems.
After much research, I discovered this particular gem appears to come from World's Finest 297, published back in 1983.

I have that one, plus #296 and #298 ordered so I can see how big the argument is, and if they kiss and make up anytime soon.

If anyone can find Superman/Batman Annual #1, I highly recommend it. It's freaking hilarious, and I would definitely pay money to go see that film be made (this is the one where Clark and Bruce end up in bed together). It's a mash-up of a previous comic back from the fifties or something. I never saw the original, but I'm sure it's safe to say that whenever the boys are roommates, hilarity follows.

Pretty much almost anything from Superman/Batman could be used in the up-coming films, and it would make my toes curl with delight. I'm half-hoping we get some of the melodrama from the "Torment" series. Superman with a busted mind, with Bruce getting seduced by Orion's wife would make for a highly entertaining film.

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