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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

We have seen time and time again when it comes to marvel universe studios
want the film to be more like ultimate universe.

Simon Kinberg and Zack penn were told to read ultimate X-Men when writing last stand.Multiple man and Juggernaut were basiclly the ultimate versions In film while In origins Gambit was basiclly the ultimate version.

Let's be honest hulk was actully closer to 616 than Incredible Hulk.Granted tere were some terrable things too.Incredible Hulk Is really based more on ultimate
version and TV show.

Every MS film Is heavily Influenced by Ultimate universe.Now I never said there
wasn't any 616 Influence.Captain America Is best example of 616 hero In MS films.Thor also Is very close to 616.

The amazing Spider-man by their own admentance is based more on Ultimate
Spider-man.Yeah Gwen Stacy Is based on 616 version.They admited that.

Mark Millar has said he has been working more on FF than X-Men films so far.He happened to be writer of Ultimate FF.All signs are pointing to FF being based more on Ultimate FF.and If MS did them It would still be based on
ultimate FF.

Since First Class the X-Men films have been embracing more comic booky elements.

I have little doudt an X-Men reboot would be more ultimate X-Men than 616.

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