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Default Re: Underrated CB movies

In the special features they said the design of the Lizards's face was also so they could effectively motion capture Ifans performance and facial expressions. Thus giving the Lizard more humanity, and emotion. Spot on!

I thought the sewer sequences would have faired better with some of the cut footage. Connors family should have been written in and been a more important part of the conflict between the Lizard and Spider-Man. But almost every Lizard story in the comics for a long time has centered around Curt and Billy so in a way, I am OK with the film taking a different path. Also, the Lizard persona has evolved over the years as well. Sometimes he is a mindless animal and Curt is totally unaware of what happens, to similar to the Hulk for film adaptation. Sometimes Curt is aware and in control as the Lizard, but trying to fight the animal influence, roughly what was presented on screen. Lately the Lizard persona has been revealed to be a dormant part of the reptilian brain that has now overtaken Connors completely.

The good thing about the Lizard is unlike most other villains, he was not killed off at the end, so who knows what's to come for Dr. Connors in the Amazing franchise. He could potentially be redeemed for those that were dissatisfied.

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