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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post

But your whole argument shows that 616 is better.

You mention how Last Stand was a byproduct of Ultimate and Multiple Man, Juggernaught and Origin's Gambit were all Ultimate inspired. But most of us believe that each of these characters you mention from the movies were horrible. Juggernaught was an absolute joke and a character that they were willing to ruin just so he could run into a wall.

You mention how Captain America and Thor are 616 inspired, and again these are two movie characters that most have agreed were done extremely well.

Personally I don't think it's fair to say that Amazing Spider-man's Peter/Spidey is based oin ultimate. In fact I would argue that he is much closer to 616. You mention how Gwen is 616 inspired, and once again Emma's Gwen is one of the best characters in that movie.

You've now frightened me more about the future of Fantastik Four!

So why, if most of the things that have been positive in the Avenegers, Spider-man, Ironman and X-men have been 616 inspired, would they go ultimate on a reboot?

That would be as bad as trying to go with an Ultimate inspired MJ after going with a 616 Gwen... oh, I see what you mean.

Maybe a reboot isn't the best way to go, unless they can take their heads out of their buttes and accept that 616 is just better!
You'll never hear me praise last stand and origins.I would have been fine if those films were superman returnsized out of contunity.It's X-Men,X2,first Class,and the wolverine are ones I will defend.

I always value 616 over ultimate.There are tons of things ultimate in marvel studios films.In the avengers Tony Stark,Black Widow,Hawkeye,Bruce banner,and Nick fury are based more on ultimate versions with Banner also influenced by TV show's david banner.Loki as villain and Captain America and Thor are the 616 influences in the avengers.

I prefer the good X-Men films over the cap and thor solo films.Although I agree captain America Is based on 616 version.Thor Is laregly too except for his being powerless with others thinking he is crazy Is homage to ultimate version.

The amazing Spider-man got the spirit of peter parker/Spider-man.and it can be very well enjoyed by fans of 616 but the sequel looks to be more ultimate influenced than first film with it's take on electrco,rhino,and the osborns.

I have always been weary of mark miller as working on fox marvel films due to him mostly working on ultimate line.But,no matter who reboots FF fox or disney It's bound to be more ultimate than 616.

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