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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

Originally Posted by droidwarrior View Post
The Raimi Spider-Man felt like 616 but were also heavily influenced by Ultimate.

Green Goblin and Pete energe at the same time, Norman finds out his identity, he's with MJ first instead of Gwen.

In Spider-Man 2 Dock Ock bisually screamed Ultimate.

I thought people didn't like the first Cap & Thor movies?

Either way there's no Donald Blake in Thor and he's more of an Alien than a God

The amazing spider-man felt more like spirit of classic spider-man.Peter Is actully smart and designs web shooters.Plus amazing Spider-man feels closer to 616 even with changes to how peter got sowraped up in himself and when they did have him cracking wise as spider-man it didn't feel forced like In Rami's films.

Joss Whedon In the avengers did better job with cap and thor than first solo films did.In avengers they felt like 616 versions.

even when MS feels like spirit of 616 they are hardly perfect out of comics version.And their outfits are still laregly inspired by ultimate versions.But,that doesn't bother me just like i have been ok with outfits In X-Men films.

It's getting the spirit of 616 I am more intrested In.None of films are going to perfectly adapt their history.

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