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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
There Is also a danger of reboot doing less.Amazing Spider-man did less than rami trilogy.Incredible hulk did about the same as hulk.

You could try turning X-Men into avengers wannabe like turning Star Trek Into star wars but you would be losing the heart of X-Men

X-Men's stauts of top selling comic book has been because people like the characters.It's more than display of powers and colorful costumes.

X-men films need to stick to mutant vs mutant or mutants vs antimutant humans.DOFP has so much more than you will ever see In a avengers film.
The going into outer space stories are often my least favorate X-Men stories.

The issues In X-Men tell all we need to know why avengers Is bigger at box office.X-Men deals with issues some don't want to think about.Avengrs especilly Tony Stark Is more cword pleasuring.

Days of future past's box office will tell us where the franchise stands.But it looking like they are still strong overseas with a cult following domesticly.
Ocerseas Is where X-Men films In theatres make their money now.
I agree with most of this.

I have no use for a reboot. The X-Men film franchise, as it is, offers me what I want to see from X-Men movies. It might not be perfect, and there were some bad mishaps along the way (Cyclops, Rogue, adamantium bullets, Deadpool - who I don't hate as much as most, but I did really dislike the teleportation and Cyclops eye blasts) but a reboot is only going to come with it's own mistakes.

And I'm sorry, but most of the things that people are clamoring for in a reboot / altered timeline are the things that turn me off of the comics to begin with.

Phoenix being a cosmic entity that eats plants / galaxies is exactly what turned me off of the comic book version of the Phoenix Saga, and maybe that's one reason why X-Men: The Last Stand doesn't destroy my soul so badly is that... I never wanted them to faithfully adapt the Phoenix Saga in the first place, and conceptually, I like the route they took infinitely better than I like the comic version or Singer's alleged version.

Mr. Sinister cloning Scott and Jean, Madelyne Pryor, The Brood, Shi'Ar, StarJammers, Cyttorak crystals, M'Kraan crystals, flying around in space getting caught up in galactic wars... this is where I say "check please".

I'm not saying the films we have are perfect and can't be done better. They absolutely could be. But even if a reboot gets Cyclops right, it's going to get other things wrong. And then people are just gonna whine for another reboot. And what did the reboot accomplish? Nothing.

We have the movie versions of the source material. You still have your comic books that you love so much. I can skip over the issues I don't like so much and read the stories that I do like. We have movies, comics, cartoons, video games, books... we have tons of various takes on the X-Men world.

Why rehash the same crap over and over again?

People complain about the lack of originality in Hollywood, but then come on message boards and cry for a thousand remakes for the same characters over and over and over again.

When Captain America was coming out, the movie hadn't even released in theaters yet before I saw people on these forums asking for a reboot.

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