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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by dalonewolf View Post
As much as I want that to happen its just not gonna
like I said before WB must feel as if MOS has made enough money
I only say that because the labor day weekend opportunity had been missed on purpose
If the studio had any intention to try and make more money out of something they certainly will not missed an opportunity like that
im seeing wwz had a 1.6 mil weekend with 1,247 screens
if wb did that with MAN OF STEEL it could have pulled in 1.9-2.2 mil and got much closer to 300mil dom by the end of its run
hell if they did a 1,500 screen release for mos for 2 weeks it most likey would have gotten over 300 dom
I know many may think not but its only 9.3 mill away a limited release of 2weeks with 1,500 screens could have gotten it there
Even with 2 weeks re- release I don't think it could make $9 million. Maybe it could get near $295 million. However unless WB see fit to re-release its a moot point.

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