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Default Re: The 2013-2014 Fantasy Football Thread

Originally Posted by Genesis 1.0 View Post
Quite frankly, you've assembled a pretty good team, considering your League's Roster Limitations. Lamar Miller is set to have an enormous year & LeSean is going to flourish in Chip's system. Megatron & Green is a MUST, I have to disagree with Matt's assessment on the primacy of options in a passing attack when it comes to Dalton. Matt Ryan has some decent recievers, notably Roddy but he feeds Julio first and most often. QBs have favorite targets and they're usually far more valuable than the rest, couple this with the fact that Dalton loves to throw and is very efficient with the ball when it comes to Green's targets and he's a far more reliable option than Mike Wallace. To be frank, Wallace was always there for the speed route, the home run, he's not an every possession receiver and I don't trust Tannehill in the least. Do NOT give up AJ Green.
With the exception of a few minor drops (aka... minor back up slots), I've decided to keep who I have and see how it plays out. And while I see Matt's concern on A.J. Green, I can't drop him. No matter how many other targets Dalton has now, I still see Green as his top receiver.

In the meantime, Dalton is a safe pick in a division where they may very well win out, they're young, confident, and full of talent.
Just wanted to emphasize this

Chris Givens, Ballard, & Meyers are all diamonds in the rough with the potential to be major players.
This guys I know nothing about, so that's good to hear.

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