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Default Re: Incredible Hulk 2

^ I heard about that storyline with the SHIELD Agent Hulk, I'm not too convinced it's the way to go with Hulk, especially since SHIELD is kinda Captain America's thing. Banner should explore his own corner of the MCU.

Originally Posted by seahammer View Post
Ha, I'm definitely not one of them, I just like dysfunctional people.
And good point about the Hulk switch. Even if it isn't my favorite thing, it worked well in the movie.

This brings up a good point. We know that Whedon will bring a lot of tension to the team, which is why Banner/Hulk's presence makes sense from a story-telling stand point.

But since this is a TIH2 thread, where could he end up at the end of A:AoU? It won't be hanging out with Stark for 2 hours. Or will it?

But yeah, I agree, Hulk should not be anything that could qualify as functional. I don't need Hulk walking around Avengers mansion playing cards with cats. Ugh.

I imagine Hulk will be estranged from the team in some way at the end of AOU. I would actually use him to introduce other super powered characters somehow. Planet Hulk really does work the best, imho. I really wish they could do that, using the sort of moody mo-cap style from 300 and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and stuff like that. They could make it more of a Banner thing, more of a character study/treatise/perspective/actions. Maintain Hulk as an extension of Banner rather than truly a different entity that has a hate for Banner separate from Banner's own self hatred. But Alas.

Another thing that would be awesome was if Planet Hulk was an act in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, where Star Lord and perhaps a couple others get stuck in a gladiatorial tournament on Sakaar and Hulk saves them or some such. That could be more than a little bit awesome.

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Maybe the Leader makes the super-adaptoid(though they'll probably call it by another name).
That'd be pretty cool.

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