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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by dalonewolf View Post
I only said because wwz had a 1.6 mil weekend MOS would have definitely made more than that imo
I think MOS makes 2.2 with the 1,247 screens weekend one
and a 3 mil week one
1.1-1.2 second weekend and a week 2
putting it around 297,700,000
after that it would have crawled the other 1.3mil
im saying
missed opportunity again WB first the release date and now this
I think they should hire better marketing management lol
Actually it would to crawl to an additional $2.3 million to cross the $300 million mark, not $1.3 million. That last million is a b i o t c h lol. Just checked and MOS made under $20,000 Tuesday. I think barring a miraculous re-release by WB it's run is over the end of this week or the next:-(

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