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Default Re: Is TDK's Joker the greatest cinematic villian of all time?

Uhhh...Voldemort isn't close to being as recognized as those others.

I don't think we're talking strictly how good the character is from an acting and character development standpoint. In order to be the greatest, you have to be the full package. You have to have made a mark on pop culture history and be just as recognizable as the hero, maybe more. You're film has to be a huge event in pop culture event and it has to have lasted over the years. The Darth Vader and Joker(Jack and Heath) both fit that bill. I'm not sure Voldemort does. Harry Potter is recognizable, but I don't think people of all ages would recognize Voldemort. My grandparents who have never seen Star Wars know that Vader is Star War's villain. Likewise, all ages are somewhat familiar with Joker. Thats simply not the case for Voldemort, and honestly a lot of guys mentioned. Its got to be Vader, Vito Corleone and Joker(both). For those not alive in the '80s, Batman and Jack's Joker was TDK big before TDK. Most of you don't realize that and thats why so many people couldn't see Heath in the role.

Brando's Corleone is recognized as much as the other two, but I'm not sure you'd call him the 'villain' though he is a crime lord, so I'd throw him in there even if he's not the antagonist of the film.

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