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Originally Posted by RedBlueWonder View Post
I don't get the complaint about the Lizard's design, granted I would have liked a bigger snout but a very big one would have looked silly when talking. They did not want spider-man meets Jurassic Park. He looks more human because that was the point of the serium, to enhance humanity. You can't have a dinosaur turn everyone into dinosaurs, only a repralian enchanted human doing the same thing.

Lizard's design was based on how he was originaly draw so wither or not it looked good is subjective. With a smaller snout you can see emotion but on GG you couldn't because of the mask.
At least the Lizard's look is based off a version of him.
He doesn't look anything like the original and that's not subjective. His original design is a skinny scientist with lab coat purple pants and the old evil big head. We got a massive monster with way less texture, smaller eyes, etc etc. In fact, had they used lizards for inspiration he would look a lot less like a Jurassic park dinosaur then what they came up with.

The serum was supposed to give him no reptilian features, it failed, that's why he becomes a monster.

If you throw away those silly misconceptions that you can't have the best of both worlds, then we could have had a 2 or 3 stage transformations, we could have seen a human, slightly reptilian and full lizard monster but hey, mediocrity pleases the crowds it seems.

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