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Default Re: Post iconic/memorable scenes you would like to see adapted for Batman vs. Superma

Superman/Batman Issue #51 ( and 52, I think for the whole arc).

I know the Chibi League shows up one other time, a series or so before this chibi-arc, when Superman encounters black Kryptonite that makes him act like he's stoned.

If you can find these comics, I recommend you snag them. They are hilarious. That page alone was worth the 6 bucks I paid for the two books.

The whole Superman/Batman series is like some sort of glorious crack. It's either soap-operaish dramatic, or ridiculously silly.

That moment when you put the oldies station on and hear a song that was new when you were ten. Obviously, the DJ is not well-informed on what an 'oldie' actually is.
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