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Default Re: Spidey's Rebound Girl

What I just realized is how the three different love interests for Peter/Spidey have three totally different levels of personality.

At the far left you have Gwen who is more reserved, intelligent and caring.

Then in the middle you have MJ who is more of a party girl, somewhat flirtatious and fun.

And then way on the right you have the Black Cat who is over the top flirty, sexy and at times inappropriate.

If you think about it, this all makes sense. The story wants Peter to end up with MJ, but he's first with the more nurturing Gwen. Once Gwen dies Peter can't just jump into MJ's arms. The audience won't allow it. They'd revolt. But if you have the over the top Black Cat persuing Spider-Man then the audience (especially the girl audience members) would despise the Black Cat (as a love interest) and would support MJ.

Just makes sense!

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