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Default Re: Incredible Hulk 2

Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
To me, that's the reason they SHOULDN'T do a Hulk solo movie from here on. He's just not interesting enough as a character anymore. There's no depth. He's a man that can willingly turn into an indestructible, undefeatable monster. Anything that can take him down and make for an interesting story would require the whole team, making it an Avengers movie. As great as it was too FINALLY see him go toe-to-toe with another monstrous force, it wouldn't make for a good sequel.
How exactly a man trapped into a monster, who can't control it and who can't have a normal life because of it is not deep for you?

The Avengers version is just the average superhero with the usual cool factor at its max. Of course it worked, because there was practically no development for the character at all. It was all about smashing and that only one dimension is all that movie needed. From there to think that that's all Hulk needs to be it's a long long shot.

If anything, there shouldn't be any more Hulk solo movies simply because superhero movies fans cannot take tragedy. It's like someone shpould re-write Jekyll & Hyde and Frankenstein and make them cool monsters you can cheer for in order to please the younger masses.


Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
The Hulk needs to talk. The audience's assumptions based on the old TV show-- and the apparent direction by filmmakers not to break that conceit-- have to be thrown out the window. I'm sick of it. Yes, he had some one-shot throwaway lines in the past movies. But it's not enough. The personality depicted in the recent Avengers cartoon shows-- nominally intelligent but mostly bad-attitude, is close enough for me. I could even work with classic savage Hulk.
If he talked, they should be extremely cautious about what he would say. It can't be the classic describing-every-single-thing-I'm-doing kind of speak (Hulk smash, Hulk destroys giant robot, etc).

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