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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

LOL some great comments in this thread. For me has to be Batman Begins hands down. It was what i was looking for in a live action batman. Had some great moments where i had butterflys (bruce and the bats,batman and his backup) and others where i was slightly on edge (arkham breakout, bruce's training) great performances from the actors. Really topnotch stuff .

As soon as those bats came flying across the screen forming up the bat logo with a brownish sunset and that dark dreaded music, thats when i thought ' this is it ' What was the surprise of the film for me was the horror type imagery and themes it had. Cranes toxin was the cataylist for that . I loved how batman was conveyed as a devil of the night and certain scenes where i was like ' my god' ( toxin batman with bane) I honestly think they could of dived deeper into that fear, toxin theme but it would of easily crossed the line. Mind you they kinda did with Arkham Asylum ( trippy as hell lol)

Of course the film had its plotholes and sillyness but compared to TDKR we can let that go. I dont even want to start with the downsides of that film because everyone has touched on what i thought was wrong with it. Still had its moments though.

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