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Default Re: Overrated Comic Book Films

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
If just based on the fan community--as the GA really has not raved years later about any of them, other than the very not-overrated TDK and TDKR classics--I would say:

1. The Avengers: I like the movie. I own the movie. It is a terrific piece of popcorn entertainment...but there is not much plot to speak of and it certainly drags for much of the first 70 or 80 minutes until they're all on the Hellicarrier, and even then things like Agent Coulson's death ring a little hollow.

A good movie that has iconic visuals and terrific Whedon dialogue? Sure. "This generation's Star Wars?" Hardly.

2. The Amazing Spider-Man: This is a bad movie. But because it has no elements of camp and Peter Parker makes quips, fans have convinced themselves it is good. 'Nuff said.

3. Superman II: A fun movie. But it is not as good as STM, because while Zod is great, the pacing drags big time in the second act and Superman/Lois really is not that interesting. Again, I like this movie, but when I see some call it the best superhero sequel of all time I suppress an eye roll.

4. Iron Man (2008): Another movie that I like. I just don't see why so many consider it a masterpiece. Jon Favreau borrowed the formula from Richard Donner, with all the flourishes and added ironing provided for by Sam Raimi and Chris Nolan...and that's it. Story wise, it is almost the same plot as BB, the real stand out is RDJ. He is amazing in the role and makes a decent film great. But not the best origin story ever and certainly not one that reinvents the wheel. Honestly, you can turn the movie off after Tony saves the F-22s because the third act is just a mess, save for Jeff Bridges' one great moment when he steals Tony's reactor.

5. Captain America: A totally mediocre and forgettable film, yet some love it because it is set in the 1940s. That doesn't make it good when the plot literally stops halfway through and it turns into a 60 minute prologue to The Avengers. If you want a good pulpy comic book film, check out the director's other, superior, variation on the subject: The Rocketeer.

My two cents on the topic.
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