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Default Re: Incredible Hulk 2

Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
The Hulk needs to talk. The audience's assumptions based on the old TV show-- and the apparent direction by filmmakers not to break that conceit-- have to be thrown out the window. I'm sick of it. Yes, he had some one-shot throwaway lines in the past movies. But it's not enough. The personality depicted in the recent Avengers cartoon shows-- nominally intelligent but mostly bad-attitude, is close enough for me. I could even work with classic savage Hulk.
Nominally intelligent? This guy plays cards and has almost complete control of his anger. He's just a strong dude with a bad attitude. It removes almost all the depth from Hulk in the EMH cartoon, and Banner is an occasional guest star, whose concerns are unfounded, because Hulk is actually more of a functional member of society than he is.

Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
To me, that's the reason they SHOULDN'T do a Hulk solo movie from here on. He's just not interesting enough as a character anymore. There's no depth. He's a man that can willingly turn into an indestructible, undefeatable monster. Anything that can take him down and make for an interesting story would require the whole team, making it an Avengers movie. As great as it was too FINALLY see him go toe-to-toe with another monstrous force, it wouldn't make for a good sequel.
When has this not been true? There has never been a question about Banner's ability to turn into Hulk at will, the question has been, are there negative consequences for doing so that Banner will fight to avoid? In the case of being in the middle of a war... no. There are some things worse than Hulk... that's what Hulk is always brought out for, and he gets aimed, and that's it. He's still a monster, he's still dangerous, he still can't be controlled. His biggest problem is still himself. The depth is still there... especially in Banner, who received more character development in Avengers than he did in The Incredible Hulk film.

A Hulk sequel story would do much better with him going against a team sent to take him down. It'd also be interesting if he had found a cure for the Hulk, as he has in times past, but then has to bring Hulk back or rejoin with Hulk for some reason.

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