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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Taking that rock guy out in the trailer looked like it was nothing to him. Everyone else was like, "Oh flip what now?!?!" and then Thor takes him out, virtually no effort.

I approve

Originally Posted by Ragnaroknroll View Post
I credit that to Joss Whedon who masterfully managed to strike a balance despite some obvious (perhaps studio influenced?) pandering to Iron Man. e.g. Thor vs. Iron Man (cleverly written to not make Iron Man look bad) and building an Iron Man/Cap plotline which provides some good drama with Steve Rogers but Iron Man still saves the day proving he would lay it on the line.

I love The Avengers. It's my favorite CBM ever. But I think Iron Man got a lot of focus. Of course he was the biggest money maker coming into it but Thor was the second biggest. Hopefully other heroes get a chance to shine more in the sequel (and I mean Cap and Thor not Black Widow).
Iron Man did get alot of focus in The Avengers, which is understandable because of how well the IM films have done. But what I don't understand is why Cap who's film made considerably less than Thor's got FAR more screentime and importance than Thor. I understand he's the leader, but both the main villain and the artifact he used came from Thor's world and should have gave him just as much focus as Cap and IM.

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