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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

^ Yes she was accurate per her starting powers, but the rest of her story is way off. In the movies she was never with Mystique and the Brotherhood. She never grew up as a villain, as she did in the comics. The movie Rogue never confronted Ms. Marvel and thus (as mentioned above) permanently absorbed her powers. In the comics, absorbing these powers and pysche caused Rogue to start to go, or at least fear going, insane. And this is what caused her to go to the X-Men, in the hopes that Professor X could help her. Movie Rogue's major issue was "I can't touch people", while the comic book version was "I can't touch people, and I'm going insane, and I feel guilty for "killing" Ms. Marvel, and for being a villain all these years".

Big difference, so I have to agree with droidwarrior, but again yes, the basic power and where she grew up/put some boy in a coma was the same.

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