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Well, he was.
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Default The Immortal Iron Fist?

I'd love an Iron Fist movie.

Imo the best way would be to set the movie with him as a child and young man and finally an adult raised and living in K'un Lun after his parents death and keep the movie set in the east, perhaps someone attacks K'un Lun and steals a sacred artifact with him being tasked with leaving K'un Lun for the Earth Plane, retrieving it and returning it.

Since K'un Lun is only accessible every ten years from our plane, perhaps he misses the deadline and can't return and leaves for the states, his Parents homeland, at the end.

Place him in Detroit or Chicago or some city other than New York, as it would make a nice change of pace.

This could lead into a sequel where he meets Luke Cage and Misty Knight.

It could even link to or set up some other fantastical aspect like perhaps Dr Strange' monks being K'un Lun liasons between Earth and that realm, Fin Fan Foom being a Dragon that was rejected from K'un Lun

What Do you guys think?

(Having his origin told via flashbacks or early on and setting the movie in the west would draw to many similarities to Batman Begins and it would unfairly be called a rip-off.)


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