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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

Styfe would have to be in a third or foruth X-Force movie.

You first have to introduce Cable and have him season a bit before introducing a Clone otherwise it'd be seen as happening to quickly.

A Repligious group like the Purifiers, who view Mutants as a blight on Gods plan would be excellent villains to introduce to the movie-verse. They'd add team villain which will be the second (Hellfire Club) time that's featured and as non-mutants would make a great unique-ness from what's been seen before.

Since Stryker has already been used why not substitute Matthew Risman or Grayden Creed, just spell it 'Kread' instead LOL

Originally Posted by Josh Trank
In this day and age people have come to expect that artists are going to give everybody information about what they’re doing, but not every artist is like that. I’m not really like that. If I was painting a picture I wouldn’t want to take a picture of a single paint stroke. I’d rather show people what it looks like when it’s done.

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