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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

I guess it all comes down to at what point they go with for X-Force. Personally I would have rathered they start with New Mutants and then transition in the first or second movie to X-Force.

If they start with the current incarnation I'm going to hate it.

To me this needs to be made up of characters like:


Cypher would be cool and lead to Warlock.

Boom Boom would be cool as far as her powers.

Magik would be great since we know Colossus.

So if we get a younger, less experienced X-Force with members who meet Cable, who then decides to train this group to be new platoon like squad, I'll be very happy.

For this incarnation a good choice for the first movie, one where they would need to meet Cable (or that could be in movie #2), is the Hellions.

Just imagine Emma Frost (new actress please) as the creator of a new school for mutants (called the Massachusetts Academy or something like that). Somehow it could be explained that she is much older than she looks...

Have the Hellions students/team members made up of:

Empath - Might be tough to do his powers, but possible.

Beef - Always need a powerhouse, right?

Catseye - Just love the name. The powers are a little iffy, but maybe to go up against Wolfsbane?

Tarot - Her powers could be pretty cool. Flying around while standing on one of her cards, projecting the image off of the card or just predicting the future.

It is too bad that Thunderbird is in this next movie. He could have been a great Hellion addition (instead of Beef).

I guess Selene could be written into this story. Maybe Selene manipulates the New Mutants/X-Force into going against the White Queen and the Hellions.

Fitzroy could be another possibility since he is ultimately the cause of the demise of the Hellions. Especially since they aren't using him in DOFP! Maybe Selene manipulates the New Mutants and causes them to meet up with Fitzroy at the same time as the Hellions do. Cable shows up, helps lead them, and the result is the X-Force members good to go and the majority of Hellions dead (by Fitzroy) and Emma in a coma.

Maybe have one of the Hellions a character that will live and join the New Mutants/X-Force. How about...


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