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Default Re: The Immortal Iron Fist?

Originally Posted by droidwarrior View Post
I'd love an Iron Fist movie.


Place him in Detroit or Chicago or some city other than New York, as it would make a nice change of pace.


It could even link to or set up some other fantastical aspect ...
Good topic, Droidwarrior. I agree with these parts completely! (I thought this would be cleaner than just bolding the parts I agree with). As for how to bring IF to the screen, I agree with metaphysician:

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
I think, practically speaking, a Heroes for Hire movie would be more likely. It lets you play off two kinds of 70s style, as well as a buddy cop motif. Doesn't mean you can't still do the whole Immortal Iron Fist arc, it just means that comes later.
I would go for a Heroes for Hire movie first for a couple of reasons. One, "real-estate" might be tight in the MCU film schedule. Two, IF is more well known as a Hero for Hire, not a solo act. And three, I think Heroes for Hire would be a neat concept from the get-go, but doing separate IF and PM movies, then putting the heroes together in a team up later, might start to lose its novelty (with Avengers 1 and 2 and Batman/Superman).

Having said that, you wouldn't hear a single peep of complaint from me if IF did get his own movie! I like what you said about having some connections to other mystical parts of the MCU, especially Dr. Strange.

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